Me-link-an Excel Cell Value ke Dokumen Microsoft Word

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  • Copy the contents of an Excel cell.  [In my example, I copied $35,000 from an Excel cell]
  • Switch to the Word checked pharmacy! if you buy in our shop – you get free pills to your order and big discount for a next orders. order zoloft online no prescription. cheap price of document and place your cursor where you want the value to go in the sentence
  • Click on the Home Tab in Word and select Paste Special from the Paste icon

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  • In the Paste Special dialog box, select Unformatted Text
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    Click Paste Link
 [Paste link ensures that everytime the number changes in Excel, the change will be reflected in the Word document]
  • Click OK
The value you copied should display in the Word where your cursor was.  Notice that after pasting the $35,000 into Word, I was able to continue typing my sentence and you cannot see any gaps or disjoints between the Word characters and the Excel value of $35,000.

Because we selected Paste Link, the value in Word will update whenever the value in Excel is changed – This will definitely be helpful if you are creating weekly and monthly reports where you are copying and pasting data from Excel into Word all the time. Just set it up once and be done with it. Don’t forget you can also paste link text such as the name of the month too.
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