Mengirim Email dengan CodeIgniter Series 1

Sending mail in codeigniter is easy . dapoxetine prices uk dapoxetine online fast shipping online pharmacy australia discount dapoxetine cheap dapoxetine 30 prices in canada dapoxetine Codeigniter has build in class on mail. You can easily configure it. Today we will see how to send mail . Latter tutorial we will see how to send mail in smtp.

Create a file email.php in D:\xampp\htdocs\CodeIgniter\ci_series_1\application\controllers
Write this code inside the email.phpNow point your browser like this to call the email controller


class Email extends Controller
	function __construct()
	function index() 
		$this->email->from('', 'Arifur Rahman');
		$this->email->subject('This is an email test');		
		$this->email->message('It is working. Great!');
			echo 'Your email was sent, successfully.';


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And you will get successful message.
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See in our mail box that our mail is gone.
send mail in codeigniter

For more details on mail see

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