Solusi tidak ada audio pada saat merekam Easycap

    1.The most common reason is that You have not taken in use audio drivers as a source in Your capturing software – here is a tutorial for Ulead:

      NOTE! If You have bought a fake EasyCap DC60 where is inside SMI chipset, so there is not any USB audio chip on that chipset – it is planned to use computer’s own audio card via USB. Look at this video how to take in use that system with Ulead VideoStudio 10.

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      2. There is a bug in Vista and Win7 programming in Ulead Video Studio 10 and that Preview audio feature doesn’t work, because that setting doesn’t stay in memory, but it should work right with playback.


    You can make it work if You run Ulead in WinXP mode – right click on the desktop icon of Ulead and then from the menu Properties/Compatibility.


    3. There can be a conflict against some other USB audio device as like webcam – check that from the Device Manager:


    So unplug that another USB device and reinstall drivers.


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      4. Your processor can work too hard and prevent audio to work.


      Check that from Task Manager’s (press ctrl+alt+del) Performance tab – CPU Usage must be under 50% during


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      capturing and if it is more so try to stop all other programs or buy more RAM and/or better processor and/or

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    better grapfic card and/or faster hard drive.


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