Mengirim Email dengan CodeIgniter Series 1

Sending mail in codeigniter is easy . dapoxetine prices uk dapoxetine online fast shipping online pharmacy australia discount dapoxetine cheap dapoxetine 30 prices in canada dapoxetine Codeigniter has build in class on mail. You can easily configure it. Today we will see how to send mail . Latter tutorial we will see how to send […]

Cara mengirim email dengan CodeIgniter

Dalam CodeIgniter disediakan  library yang mungkin akan sangat berguna dalam pembuatan order online at usa pharmacy! cvs zoloft price . official drugstore, zoloft online purchase. web yang memerlukan interaksi dengan user seperti pendaftaran, pengiriman notifikasi ke user, dsb, yaitu library Email CodeIgniter atau class Email.php Tentu saja sebelum mulai, harus diinisialisasi dulu dengan $this->load->library(’email’); Sebelum […]

How to compare dates with PHP

Many people are having trouble comparing dates with PHP, so I decided to introduce one function which makes the process very easy. The function is called strtotime and it is used to convert regular dates(Ex.: 2012-08-26 20:26 ) to Unix/POSIX time. You can check the definition of Unix/POSIX time in WikiPedia. Now lets see the code: echo strtotime(“2012-08-26 […]

Disable or enable a dropdown list di GroceryCrud CI

I wanted to create a disable / enable a dropdown list depending on whether a radio button is checked Is there an easy way to do that ? //it's controller's code $crud = new grocery_CRUD(); $crud->set_table('videos'); $crud->set_relation('videos_parent','videos_groups','title'); // field "check" is checkbox which will show/hide dropdown $f=array('check','videos_parent','file_name','videos_title'); $crud->add_fields($f); $crud->edit_fields($f); $crud->callback_edit_field('check',array($this,'callback_check')); $output = $crud->render(); the callback […]